Dedicated Neural Networks

Using Cantilevers and other Sensors - 99.8% accuracy.

We utilize machine learning and combination nanotechnologies for pathogen detection and janitorial services. Drones, Robots, Cantilevers and Sensors managed by a machine learning platform.

Delaware Company Decontaminate Inc
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Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Detection, Decontamination and Cleaning

Our business has three components:


What disease causing pathogenic microbes are present on surfaces and in the air.


Elimination of pathogenic threats.

Cleaning and application Biofilm

Provide Artificial Intelligence cleaning services and application of biosurfactants.

Machine Learning - Residences and Businesses

99.8% accurate pathogen, allergen, fungus, microbe detection using new Patent pending Inventions.

The one size fits all decontamination application is antiquated. Present competition using very little technology, is using one or two applications that attempt to decontaminate and eliminate all disease causing microbes. These pathogenic threats when misdiagnosed cause disease and may lead to death in humans, plants and animals. At best, decontamination businesses are guessing at what the real problem is. We see a different more exact approach that will complete the job with 99.8% accuracy, eliminating the guesswork. Welcome to the world of Artificial Intelligence “AI”.

How It Works

We scan in 3 dimensions to get the layout. Then we Detect for Microbes. Then, we know "What" to eliminate.

Detection with facts , not guesses

Our competition uses guess work to determine with pathogens are present, we use technology.

Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants

Rhamnolipids and Peptides when combined can break apart the cell walls of many disease causing microbes.

Biosurfactant Biofilm Application

Prevention is part of the solution. Biosurfactants not only eliminate microbes, but create a biofilm to deter microbe formation.

With Each Scan we Learn

Each and every scan yields new data about our indoor environments.

Our machine learning datamining algorithms have begun to learn about airborne clusters of matter.

Disease causing Pathogens
Deadly molds
Virus Detection

Pathogen Detection and Decontamination Technologies

Conservatively, machines will take over at least 35% of the janitorial business by 2027. The detection and decontamination business is antiquated while the janitorial business must be streamlined to reduce time, costs, insurance, union fees and mistakes.