Rhamnolipid Companies, Inc.

Rhamnolipid Companies, Inc. is focused on the production, refinement, and supply of rhamnolipids. Through extensive research Rhamnolipid Companies, Inc. has developed into the most efficient and cost effective supplier of rhamnolipids for agricultural, animal husbandry, cosmetic, environmental, food processing, industrial, medical, petroleum, and research uses. Although Rhamnolipid Companies, Inc is primarily a supplier of rhamnolipids, it has been involved in key discoveries and the development of applications for the use of rhamnolipids. Our production labs are able to supply rhamnolipids formulated to your specifications and manufactured using the highest certification standards necessary.

Samuel Grecco

Mr. Grecco has worked with Mr. DeSanto, the founder of the Company, since 2006 on the implementation of the roots of the Company. From 2004 to 2006, Mr. Grecco was President and CEO of Birmingham Group, a consulting company that provided senior management consulting services to start up enterprises. Prior to 2004, Mr. Grecco held management positions with Remington Arms Company, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Conoco and Consolidation Coal.

Keith DeSanto
Founder and Chairman

Mr. DeSanto is the founder of the Company. He is an investor in nanotechnology and biotechnology. Mr. DeSanto started his career on Wall Street with Shearson Lehman and has since held various management positions with FINRA firms. Mr. DeSanto graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics from Northeastern University, in Boston, Massachusetts. Mr. DeSanto’s license and background information is available through FINRA at www.FINRA.org.

Bruce Harmon

Mr. Harmon has over 35 years’ experience working with companies internally and as a consultant. Early in his career, Mr. Harmon served various accountant roles with Fortune 500 companies. In the early 1990’s, after a successful IPO for a NASDAQ company in 1991, he became an entrepreneur and started a consulting firm providing business services for private and public companies. Mr. Harmon’s clients are referrals from attorneys, PCAOB independent accountants (auditors), investors and other clients. As a consultant, Mr. Harmon served internal roles to further assist certain clients in achieving their goals. Mr. Harmon has strived to work with the management of his clients to provide accurate recordation of the client’s activities, to be at the standards of a public company in regards to the regulatory requirements of all agencies. In 2008, Mr. Harmon was part of a three person team invited by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to speak with 84 delegates at the United Nations on problem solving for countries and their need to provide their citizens with quality energy efficiency and the ability to withstand adverse weather conditions, including hurricanes.