Rhamnolipid Agriculture


Citrus Greening, also called yellow dragon disease, is a disease that is devastating to many types of citrus plants and trees. An insect called the Asian citrus psyllid and the deadly bacteria Candidatus Liberibacter spreads the disease. This disease causes the tree to lose its ability to take in nourishment. The trees are unable to produce fruit with other early symptoms of citrus greening such as vein yellowing and asymmetrical chlorosis which is called, blotchy mottle. Not only is citrus greening a problem in the United States but it also is resulting in many issues agriculturally across the globe. Rhamnolipids are the most promising application to control citrus greening. Rhamnolipid is registered with the EPA and the Florida EPA.

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A pesticide is used to kill pests and organisms that feed on plants and animals. The effects of pesticides also affect targets outside the spray zone from runoff to areas outside the spray zone. These environmental concerns range from grazing areas, human settlements as well as wild animal habitats. Continued application breeds pest resistance, with the effect causing the pest's resurgence in the same area. Negative environmental effects have led many pesticides to be banned and the market is turning to green products but, cost effective solutions are now the drivers. Rhamnolipid being a natural pesticide dubbing as a fertilizer is that best choice and becoming the front runner.

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A fertilizer is any nutrient catalyst whether synthetic or natural when added to soil or plants increases growth. Basically, plants need many different mineral components that are essential for healthy plant growth. Some micronutrients such as iron are not normally dissolvable in water. Iron is a critical nutrient for plants forming chlorophyll. Rhamnolipid forms a chelating agent for the delivery of iron and other micronutrients to the plant. Basically, to facilitate the absorption of nutrients in plants for exponential growth, rhamnolipid is the best choice for an environmentally safe alternative to other fertilizers.