Rhamnolipid, Inc. manufactures and packages rhamnolipids. Rhamnolipids are for sale in industrial quantities.

Rhamnolipids are naturally produced as a mixture of mono- and di- rhamnolipids. After the initial production phase, the rhamnolipids are refined.


The various rhamnolipid compounds each have different chemical, biological, and physical properties. We work with our customers to determine the application, how it is used, and the required properties for the rhamnolipids. Our understanding of each application puts us in the position to supply you with the rhamnolipid solution, mixture, or compound that will best meet your requirements. In almost all cases, the product we supply you will be unique.

Our manufacturing processes are under careful process control and monitoring. The production facilities are under strict sanitation control. We are certified to be able to document our Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) under US FDA, EU, and WHO standards as specified by the customer. Other GMP standards can also be implemented.

Careful control of the production and refinement process is used to produce a product suitable for your application.

Current products include:

Raw 99% Rhamnolipids 1% aqueous solution
Raw 99% Rhamnolipids 7% aqueous solution
Raw 99% Rhamnolipids 15% aqueous solution
Raw 99% Rhamnolipids 25% aqueous solution
Raw 99% Rhamnolipids in 1% to 25% aqueous solution with stabilizers
Refined Rhamnolipids in 0.1% to 7% in silicone, mineral oil, alcohol, or other carrier
For special applications we can provide highly purified and desiccated rhamnolipids either as a mixture of mono-rhamnolipids and di-rhamnolipids or a single congener per your specifications. For these specialty products, applicable licensing applies:

Refined mono-rhamnolipid powder 99.9999998% pure
Refined di-rhamnolipid powder 99.999998% pure
Please use our Order Inquiry Form to contact us with your needs. You may use the product use text box to further specify your requirements.

Due to the nature of our business and the need to customize our product for each customer we are not able to handle small orders.