Rhamnolipids are metabolic byproducts produced by a number of gram-negative bacteria.

Traditionally rhamnolipids are produced in small research amounts by laboratories from isolated strains of particular gram-negative bacteria. These bacteria are often isolated from samples in the environment and grown in small batches for analysis and experimentation. There are numerous research papers generated as a result of these small batch rhamnolipid experiments.

There are a few companies producing small amount of rhamnolipids for inclusion in their own products. Usually they do not have excess capacity. Often the rhamnolipids produced are impure with harmful contaminants that are normally produced as part of the bacteria’s normal metabolic process or part of the unmetabolized feedstock. For most uses of rhamnolipids, the product quality is unacceptable.

Rhamnolipid Manufacturers

The primary source of production quantities of rhamnolipid is Rhamnolipid, Inc.

Rhamnolipid, Inc. has spent millions of dollars isolating strains of bacteria, researching feedstock, testing production methods, and testing purification methodologies. The company has had numerous patented and trade secret breakthroughs that make it the highest quality and largest volume producer of rhamnolipids.

Rhamnolipid, Inc. supplies research and industrial quantities of rhamnolipids manufactured to the specifications of the customer:

Rhamnolipids can be ordered in aqueous solutions from 0.01% to 35%.
The relative concentrations can be ordered from 100% mono-rhamnolipid to 100% di-rhamnolipids and mixtures thereof.
High purity rhamnolipids in solid powder form can be ordered up to 99.99998% purity.
Rhamnolipids can be ordered either as certified as natural ‘green’ or certified organic in origin and manufacturing process.
Rhamnolipids can be ordered certified as produced under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).