Rhamnolipid Provisional and Pending Patents

Patent applications include using rhamnolipid injections to control plant diseases, mosquito control and repellant, fracking and anti-drag pipeline technology.

Patent #

Filing Name

62/702,513 Mobile Rhamnolipid Oil spill response
62/649,038 Biosurfactant-based turbulent flow drag reduction in pipelines
15/871,736 Biosurfactant Mosquito Applications
15/899,873 Preventing and Destroying Citrus Greening and Citrus Canker using Rhamnolipid
15/899,494 Using Peptides encapsulated in Rhamnolipid Liposomes for Agriculture Applications
15/945,978 Rhamnolipid Fertilizers and Sprays
15/946,049 Cure and prevent diseases in plants, bushes and trees using rhamnolipid liposomes
15/946,277 Peptides and rhamnolipid liposomes inhibit bacterial replication in plants, bushes and trees
15/984,331 Pharmaceutical Peptides and Rhamnolipid Liposomes
62,714,139 Rhamnolipid Liposomes Agricultural Applications

Rhamnolipid Registrations

Federal EPA Registration

Florida EPA Registration